Baby cam captures cat’s clandestine visits to toddler’s bed

It has become pretty common to find pets developing a special bond with the youngest member of your family. But, of course, the bond gets stronger if your child and pet have been together from a very young age.

When Kelly gave birth to Kallie, the former started visiting a shelter where she was told that they had a cat they wanted to show Kelly. The cat’s name was Luna, and she immediately climbed on Kallie’s car seat and hopped onto Kelly’s shoulder. This made her adopt the kitty.

Kallie and Luna shared an unbreakable bond. The two could not live without each other. The kitty would meow whenever Kelly spoke about Kallie in front of Luna. Similarly, when she used to talk about Luna to Kallie, the baby would give a big smile and get excited.

Baby and cat

Luna was not allowed to climb onto Kallie’s crib. However, the cat would climb on the crib whenever Kelly was out of sight. First, she would snuggle next to the toddler. Then, when she knew Kelly was around, Luna would jump out of the crib.

One night, Kelly got a notification. She saw Luna rubbing against little Kallie in her crib when she opened it. Unfortunately, the baby cam was next to the toddler’s face. When Kelly looked at the notification, she saw both Luna and Kallie staring at her as if saying, “Mom, please don’t separate us.”

Surprisingly, Luna was highly patient with little Kallie. The toddler would pull at her fur, but Luna would not flinch a bit. Likewise, the cat was gentle with the baby whenever she was near Kallie.

The cat and the toddler would be the happiest when together. They had a unique way of interacting, which Kelly never seemed to understand. Although there were bigger kids at home, Luna always preferred to stay with Kallie.

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