Baby Can’t Walk Yet But Loves Doing Her Irish Step Dancing Every Night!

Whether it’s St. Patrick’s Day or not, you can always enjoy Irish cheer and festivity. Irish music and dance are enjoyed by people year-round. Thanks to the Irish group Riverdance, Irish step dancing has become a global phenomenon. Since their breakthrough in the 1994 Eurovision Song Contest, the group has toured the world, dazzling people with their performances of Irish step dancing. In step dancing, the dancers maintain a stiff upper body while their feet move with great intensity, speed, and precision. It may just be a story, but it’s said that revelers in Ireland used to take doors off their hinges and use them as improvised dance floors. Needless to say, such a tiny stage didn’t allow for much arm movement or jumping around, so the dance movement had to be concentrated in the feet.

People just naturally seem to want to dance when they hear the music. This is certainly true when Irish folk music is playing. It’s often fast, lively, and upbeat. Spontaneously breaking into dance steps is practically irresistible.

In the video we’ve posted for you below, you’ll see that even a little baby can catch dance fever. This sweet little girl is mesmerized by some Irish music and while she can’t yet walk, she does a great job busting out the dance moves. She even manages to keep her upper body fairly stiff while letting her feet do all the work. That’s impressive for someone so new to step dancing! Considering what she can do without any formal training, she may one day be a world-class step dancer. Even if switches to a different genre of music and dance, she’s sure to do well, what with the natural talent she’s showing.

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