This Baby Cat Only Has 2 Legs, But That Doesn’t Stop Him From Enjoying Playtime! HEARTWARMING!

Animals are constant source for motivation and inspiration material, they truly never let anything get in their way. This kitten only has two legs but that doesn’t stop him from living life to his fullest! I really love these types of videos because they let me gather strength if  I’m going through a rough time.

Meet Mercury, he is a special needs kitten, he only has two legs. However this doesn’t interfere with his excitement when it is time form playtime. He is a really clever kitten, he adapted to being bipedal like us humans, resting most of his weight on his hocks so that they act like heels. He is truly a sight to behold!

Not only does the clip show Mercury playing adorably with his toys, we get to see that he clearly already has favorite toys. And of course his favorite is running to mom’s loving hand. We get to see him rubbing continuously on the palm of his lucky mommy.

It amazing to see that this kitten got a chance at a normal life and to see that he receives so much love makes me incredibly happy. Be sure to watch this whole clip and share it with all your friends and family.

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