This Baby Cat Was Abandoned By His Mother. When This Crow Sees Him? AMAZING!

When you think about interspecies friendships I am sure cats and birds are nowhere near the top of the list. I’ve seen my own ruthlessly pounce and stalk birdies so Imagine my surprise when I came across this extremely unlikely pair of best pals: a crow and a kitten. What’s more, this crow took care of the kitten, since it was abandoned by its mother! Prepare yourself to be moved by this amazing footage.

You are going to witness one of the strangest pairings in the world! The stray kitten in this video lived in the neighborhood. When an elderly couple saw him roaming on the streets, they wanted to help him out. But it seemed the little guy already had someone to look after him; his own mother figure. Their bond is truly one of a kind!

Crows are some of the most intelligent animals in the world. They have consistently shown great ability to solve complex problems and create bonds, this one in particular has also shown us the great degree of kindness that these birds are capable of.

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