Those Baby Chicks Came Up To Her Side Without Warning. But What The Dog Does Next? OMG!

Whenever I see friendships between unexpected animals, I get a huge smile on my face. It seriously makes me happy. The following video shows the relationship between a dog and his new friends – 10 baby chicks. The owner of Bailey (the dog) wrote in the description that it was love at first sight for Bailey when the tiny chicks came to their yard one morning.

It is clear that Bailey has a lot of love to give and she handles the chicks as if they are her own. She is really gentle around them. What a lovable dog she is! She rolls over onto her back, maybe to show them she won’t hurt them. But it doesn’t matter because they are not afraid of her at all.

The ten baby chicks chirp and cheep happily as Bailey sniffs each one, and they wander closer to her and snuggle up against her. I think this family will definitely have to get some chick feed and a coop for these little ones, because I don’t think they are going anywhere.

Bailey’s owner said that the chicks wandered into their yard on this morning and they don’t know what happened to the mother. Bailey immediately adopted the chicks and it is so cute how curious she is about them. Aren’t you glad we got to see this moment on the internet?

Watch this adorable meeting between a dog and some chicks below! Have you experienced any odd friendships? Let us know in the comments!

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