When this baby Chihuahua howls for the first time, my heart almost melts!

Chihuahua dogs have gotten very popular thanks to the aura of ‘celebrities’ that seem to bring to people who decide to get one of them. Mainstream television has played a big part in this. Many celebrities became well-known for carrying their Chihuahua friends on trips and even social appearances. A couple of movies also gave them a certain celebrity status among other breeds.

The movies were about a couple of Chihuahuas who were originally from Beverly Hills. Although the origins of these dogs were humble, they conquered catwalks all over the United States with their style and glamour. They were exceptionally talented, and you could say they were meant to appear on television. They had several adventures along with other dogs.

What I loved more about these movies was that it showed the other side of many breeds that people didn’t know of. Some of these breeds were believed to be very aggressive but it turned out that they were only being playful. I remember a Doberman that was a bad guy in the movie. This I didn’t really like because I think it perpetuates stereotypes that people already have regarding them.

One thing I realized was that you rarely see these dogs being put up for adoption at various shelters. And it’s not only because they are little. I saw a bunch of little dogs up for adoption but no Chihuahuas. The other day, I went to a shelter to ask them about this breed and what they thought about them. I also asked them if they had ever had one of those dogs for adoption.

They told me that they had never seen those dogs up for adoption. The reason: People just find them too cute to give them up. They don’t take almost any space at home and cleaning after them doesn’t seem to be a hassle. For owners who like to take road trips, driving with them in the car is no-hassle. You can even take them to the supermarket. There are tons of accessories you can get for them and dress them up in all sorts of cute outfits.

Most people agree with the fact that Chihuahuas are cute. What’s even cuter are Chihuahua puppies. Puppies are extra tiny and are the most lovable ever. The one in the following video is no exception. He’s a baby Chihuahua who is feeling lonely in his crib. The owner goes to the crib when she hears some strange sounds coming from there. You won’t believe what the Chihuahua puppy is doing!