Baby Chipmunk Falls Out Of Nest. I Was So Impressed At What Rescuers Did To Get Him Back.

I always hate seeing potentially-injured baby animals. They are already fragile and any damage could possibly kill them. That just doesn’t seem fair. But that’s life. These little ones can fall from a nest and since they are so helpless, there’s no chance for them to be able to climb back up or fly back up. That’s where they have to hope that kindhearted people are around to be able to get them back up. Like the ones that star in this video.

We see several rescuers going to an apartment, where a woman has found a baby chipmunk that fell out of a nest. She has it in a box top. One of the men looks at the baby and deem it healthy. That’s great since I would hate for that little guy to be injured. He’s SO adorable the way he wiggles around in the box. Now for the matter of getting him back together with the rest of his family.

One of the rescuers goes down to the bottom of the apartment building. Two of the men go to the roof and they toss down a rope and a harness. The man at the bottom puts on the harness and is hoisted up. He’s carrying the baby chipmunk in the box top and he reaches the air conditioner. We hear the mommy chipmunk frantically crying. His body covers what he does, but he seems to put the baby into the nest and tosses the empty box top to the ground as the video ends.

I felt like I was watching an episode of “Mission Impossible”, especially with the part of the guy being hoisted up the wall to get to the air conditioner. Sadly, we didn’t get to see the mommy chipmunk reunite with her baby, but we can just imagine the joyous reaction once the baby was safely back in the nest. It’s great that these guys were around to help even this tiny, helpless chipmunk baby. We need more like them in this world.

Stories like this are awesome. I always like seeing the little guy succeed. How about you? Have you had something like this happen in your area? Tell us your stories in the comments!

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