Baby chipmunk loves to snuggle with giant 115-pound dog

Baby chipmunk and dog

Few animals can compete with the cuteness of a baby chipmunk. This video spotlights a rescue of an abandoned baby chipmunk ‘Kip,’ who quickly became a family member.

Baby chipmunk

While hiking in the white mountains, a woman stumbled upon the animal far from its nest in an area filled with Gardner snakes, so she took action. After looking for the baby’s mother or any surrounding nest, she decided to bring the chipmunk home.

She brought it home and used a baby bottle to feed it. Then, she contacted her veterinarian friend, and she asked what she would need to do to care for the animal.

Baby chipmunk

The most unexpected part was when the family dog ‘Charlie’ fell in love with ‘Kip,’ the chipmunk. And when the chipmunk began to open his eyes, he found a great friend in Charlie.

The baby chipmunk found comfort in the dog’s fur. Perhaps he thought it was his mother’s fur. The chipmunk enjoyed spending time with Charlie, and the two animals spent every day together for months.

Baby chipmunk

Unfortunately, the chipmunk was failing in health. Even with the help of the tech vet, the chipmunk passed. Charlie was distraught, and he was lethargic and constantly looking for the chipmunk.

Charlie would cry and go to the cage where the chipmunk used to be and just wait there. They got Charlie a stuffed animal to cheer him up. Charlie took the animal everywhere and was in better spirits. Charlie and Kip had a short but memorable connection that all animal lovers can appreciate!

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