If a baby is choking – this simple technique could save their life

There are hundreds of reported incidents involving babies choking that happen every week in the US alone, and it can be a terrifying moment when you realize this is happening to your child. For some reason, many people still don’t know what to do in this situation, they can freeze up and panic and vital moments can be lost in the fight to save a baby.

Just by arming yourself with the knowledge a basic first aid course provides could be the difference between life and death – for many people, not just the young. But this simple technique could easily save a choking baby – and considering how curious they are and how much they want to put things in their mouths – you can understand that this occurs on a daily basis. Watching this short video could save lives.

First, you have to know the signs that a baby is choking. Usually, when a baby is in distress, it cries and wails while flailing his or her arms about – but when they’re choking they will be silent. If they’re turning blue and losing consciousness it’s a definite sign that they have something stuck in their airway and you need to step in.

Remember the ABC of first aid – Airway, Breathing, Circulation. Check the child’s mouth and throat by performing a finger sweep to try and hook out anything that might be stopping them breathing. If that fails, cradle the child in one hand facing to the floor and down, with his or her back to you. Then make five, firm pats to the child’s back in a sort of upwards motion between the shoulder blades. As if you’re trying to push whatever is blocking the airway up and out.

If that doesn’t achieve a result, turn the child over and do the same on his or her front – a gentle put firm tap on their chest – always up and out. Never push up from the stomach region. Check the airway again and repeat these steps as necessary. Of course, if in the unlikely event this doesn’t seem to be working, notify the emergency services immediately.

Don’t miss this important and vital video below with these clear instructions and an easy to follow the visual demonstration. Even if you don’t have children – it’s a useful technique to know as you can never tell when you’ll be in a situation and end up having to save a baby’s life. Share with family and friends too and get the word out!