Chocolate Lab Congratulates Baby Girl as She Learns to Crawl

The Labrador is a dog breed known for their gentle and calm nature. They are particularly wonderful as therapy dogs, emotional support animals and are almost behavioral specialists when it comes to small children.

The young lady in this video is only 9-months-old. Her parents have put her on the floor and are recording as she has been showing signs of starting to crawl. And crawl, she does. Straight over to the family’s gorgeous chocolate lab, who is patiently waiting for her to make it across to her.


Baby is so proud of herself as she wriggles herself across the floor, eyes on her canine buddy the whole way. The dog watches intently as her human buddy is making her way over. She instinctively knows to let her keep going.

What is even better, the dog knew what an accomplishment it was for baby. So what does she do? I will leave that for you to watch. Suffice to say, baby will be thrilled to get such congratulations from her bestie as she hits each milestone in her life.