Baby cries, but dog knows exactly how to calm him down and everyone is loving it

Have you ever sung to your baby to try and stop your special little human being from crying? It usually works a treat and has the little ones calm and restful in no time. Or even just rocking them can stop whatever it is that seems to be bothering their little hearts. It can be heart-wrenching for us as parents to see our children upset. I remember when my kids were little, I couldn’t help but nearly cry myself when one of my babies got hurt. When it came to taking the kids to the doctors, especially for needles, I just couldn’t do it and would always leave those duties up to my wife, I was such a cry-baby when it came to my kids.

Of course now that I am a grandfather everything is way different……….yeah, I’m worse than I ever was before. It’s just so heartbreaking to see your helpless babies in so much distress, even if it is only a bit of wind, you still don’t want them to be in any discomfort, and you can feel so useless at times that you can’t make everything better for them. Parenting can be so frustrating and agonizing from time-to-time, but in the end it is the best thing that we have ever done.

Even when the kids grow up in is still hard to watch them get hurt. My boys both played football, albeit different codes, but the feeling was still the same. Those huge crunch tackles that made me shut my eyes in fear of my little men getting hurt. But I guess we have to let them grow-up at some stage, and let’s face it, they were in their twenties then!

All joking aside, I was serious about the feelings you get when your child is crying. It affects the whole family, moms, dads, brothers and sisters, and also the four legged members of the family that are just as important as everyone else. It is funny to watch the reaction of dogs when they are near a crying child. I guess it is instinct, but they just seem to know that something is not right. They will do one of two things. They will get the heck out of there because they can’t figure out what all the noise is, or
Like in most cases, they will investigate the noise and see if they can help in any way.

The video below is one of those instances where the family dog knows exactly what to do when a new-born baby is brought home. The baby is a little upset, so the tears start to flow. Amazingly the family dog has the solution for this scene and stops the baby crying straight away. Click on the link below and see what mans-best-friend does to settle this cute little new born without batting an eyelid.