A Baby and His Cute Dog Take Their Car For A Ride. Wait Till You See WHO’S Behind The Wheel! LOL!

Dogs are known to be man’s best friends. And the clip given below may serve as a proof of this statement. You won’t believe your eyes when you see this adorable relationship between Daisy the dog and her human sibling Oliver. Daisy is a tiny Maltese-Chihuahua mix, also lovingly called a Malti-Chi. The video features the dog driving little Oliver around in their fire-red car.

While Oliver is sitting in the passenger side, Daisy is boldly driving the car. Their mom writes in the description section that the car is a remote controlled car. And she had a control over the car by accelerating and stopping it at her will since neither of this cute duo could reach the pedals. In the video we can see that Daisy actually tries steering it to the left many times, but then mom steps in and steers it to the right. But the funny pup steers back to the left!

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