Baby Declared Dead In Womb. What Happened After Three Weeks Had Parents In Shock! Amazing!

Parents become parents when they learn that a child is on the way. You mentally start preparing yourself, thinking of names, painting the baby’s room and planning for the future. For Candace and Dennis Gaines, this was their third child on the way after suffering two sad miscarriages. The child was much expected, after trying for so long.

It’s not like they were getting younger and they had their heart set on growing their happy family by one more child. As the saying goes, third time lucky, but it was not to be so for most of it. When she was eight weeks into her pregnancy, she found out that she was bleeding and concerned, she rushed to ER. An ultrasound was conducted where the doctors found something alarming. They couldn’t detect a heartbeat. The parents were informed of the sad news, but they wanted to get a second opinion, as any parent would when faced with tragic news.

Unfortunately, the second opinion came back with the same result. Their baby was dead. But their faith was strong and they never gave up hope. Three weeks later, just when they were going to declare it a miscarriage, Dennis made a small request. He asked if another ultrasound could be done, just one last time before the bad news became final.

You will not believe what the doctors found! They detected a healthy heartbeat like as if the past three weeks and the previous two ultrasounds had not happened. The baby had a perfect heartbeat which left the doctors absolutely bewildered on what happened. Even the doctor who was handling Candace’s pregnancy said that the birth and good health of the child was nothing short of a miracle.

Now, Grace is a healthy three year old toddler as proof of a miracle. Doctors cannot explain how state-of-the-art technology produced such a conflicting result and they stand by it, saying that the machines couldn’t be wrong – twice.

Wow. When I saw this video I was so amazed at the miracle of life and the strength of the faith the parents had on the health of their unborn child. Have you had moments of faith like the Gaines? We would love to hear from you! Please post your thoughts in the comments section below.

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