Baby deer comes face to face with little girl – dad’s video is delighting the internet

You’re going to have to figure this one out for yourselves. Is this a baby deer playing a game of chase with this adorable little girl, or is it totally scared out of its mind that she won’t leave it alone and keeps charging after the poor thing as if she was chasing a flock of pigeons?! It’s certainly got the internet talking – but leaving the cynicism aside, we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and say that the baby deer is having fun!

And the adorable animal certainly doesn’t look like it’s actively trying to flee for its life – so that settles all the naysayers. Dad has captured this lovely moment between the deer and his baby girl, but maybe chasing the deer away was doing the family a favor?

As beautiful as the animals are, deer can be a significant pest if you live in the country, particularly if you grow any kind of crops. The chances of this one attempting to raid the family’s garden for some food is quite high, and they’re often caught stealing treats from your veg patch. Having a little girl around to chase them away isn’t a bad idea!

Of course, deer can also become acclimatised and accustomed to their human neighbours and build a tolerance of them – as you can see in this video. Younger deer, in particular, seem able to cope with being around us two-legged creatures, and that can make it harder to scare them off where they’re not wanted. It’s not unusual for people to actually offer food to the deer and treat them almost like a domesticated animal.

This little girl would probably adore a Bambi as a pet – but by the looks of the one in the video who has found their way into the family garden – she’s not having any of it! “I just came here for food, man! Now I’ve got this tiny human chasing me!”

Momma deer is most likely not too far behind, and although this game looks like fun, we have to remember that wild animals can still be dangerous, especially when we’ve got young children around. Momma deer will be keeping a close eye on her own baby and wouldn’t think twice about aggressively intervening should the need arise. They’re every bit as protective as we are! Check out the toddler chasing the baby deer in the video below!