Baby deer decides to investigate chickens in backyard. I laughed hard at the chickens.

Animals are curious creatures. Often, they will be coming up to a person or an animal without the intent to attack. Instead, they want to see what it is exactly. They’ll sniff it, lick it, whatever, and then their curiosity sated, they usually go back to wherever they were before. Life is just as fascinating for them as it is for us. Like the baby deer that we see in this video – he’s just seeing something he’s never seen before.

We see a common sight, especially in more rural areas – a deer roaming around a backyard. It’s not uncommon, since many of these homes are smack in the middle of forests. It’s still some time in the winter, since there is snow on the ground. Either that, or it’s in a part of the country where it snows until like June. The deer is interested in some of the other denizens of the backyard and moves further in.

The deer ambles through the yard, curious about these feathered creatures that walk around with such awkward gaits. The rest of his herd must have been busy, so he decided to explore. The chickens, though, are having none of it. As soon as the deer gets there, they all run to another part of the yard like he’s suddenly going to tear into them. “MOVE IT, HENNY! HE’S GONNA GET US!”

At the end, the deer suddenly seems to realize that there’s a person filming this. He looks at the camera like, “Hey… what’s up?” before he heads back over to his herd. I don’t think it was audible, but I’m pretty sure that all the chickens just let out a loud sigh of relief when the deer turned around and left the yard. Then again, these are chickens… they probably regard their own shadows as potential threats.

This curious baby deer was so much fun to watch. What did you think? Let us know in the comments. Also, please “Like” us on Facebook.