Baby deer takes dip in a swimming pool, sounds like air horn when told to go

Having a swimming pool in your backyard can be a nice luxury. Sure, there are annoyances: leaves and twigs to fish out, filters to change, the occasional professional cleaning, and of course, the water bill. But it can be worth it. Whenever you want, there’s a place to take a refreshing dip and you’ve always got it to yourself. Well, not exactly always to yourself. There can be unexpected visitors.

Father’s Day got off to a dramatic start for one dad. He was in the pool, but not for luxuriating on a float. As his wife described the scene, “We have a little baby deer swimming in the pool. She’s much happier now that the puppies have gone in. We came outside to Max swimming in the pool, chasing her.”

Their two daughters were of course thoroughly worked-up about all this, running around by the pool and hollering. Quite understandable, but it couldn’t have helped dad’s nerves — or the baby deer’s! Once dad got a firm grip on the little deer, he brought her over toward the steps. One of the daughters was standing right there at the edge of the pool, in a fever pitch of excitement. That’s when the fawn let out a noise that sounded just like an air horn, a very loud air horn. Dad finally got the deer up the steps and out of the pool, but she turned right around and went back in the water! On the second try, he carried her over to the lawn and this time she ran off and disappeared into the woods.

Deer are fragile creatures and very high strung. A frightening or traumatic situation can easily send them into a kind of shock. As you’ll see in the video posted below, this little fawn seems to have made it through her adventure just fine.

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