A Baby And His Dog Were Having A Conversation, And Mom Grabbed The Camera And Recorded It

Out of all of the dog breeds that I can think of, Siberian huskies are probably the most “talkative” of them all. You might not have seen it before, but huskies actually verbalize a lot and imitate their human friends’ voices doing adorable sounds with their barks, and it can make for some amazing moments. Sometimes, it feels like the huskies are actually talking for real because it seems like they are actually forming words we can understand.

This video is something that is a little bit like that, only a tad cuter. A husky is seen trying to have a “conversation” with a baby, and it’s one of the cutest interactions with a baby that I’ve ever seen! Obviously, neither of them knows how to actually speak using words, but that doesn’t stop them from trying! When I saw the video, I thought for a moment that not only could they understand each other, but that I could understand them too. Your heart will be warmed instantly after you see this pair have their chatter.

The baby just babbles away at the dog, and he is very eager to talk right back at him, in whatever way he can! I love to see this husky and his human baby have the time of their life talking to each other, and I’m sure you will adore it as well.

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