A Baby And Dog Were Having A Conversation. Mom Saw The Camera And Recorded It All!

Out of the dog breeds that I can recall, Siberian huskies have to be the most “talkative” of them all. Perhaps you’ve seen it before, but huskies can verbalize quite a lot and imitate their owners voices doing adorable things with their barks, and it can make for some really breathtaking footage. This time around it seems that a dog has managed to actually talk.

This husky is seen here trying to have a “conversation” with a cute little infant, and I can’t get over just how cute this scene really is. It’s clear that neither of them knows how to actually speak yet, but that doesn’t stop them from giving it a shot. When you hear all the chatter happening in this room you will simply melt away with warmth.

The baby just has at it and jibber jabbers away at the dog, and he’s very quick to talk right back at him, no matter what it takes. It’s really funny to see these two clowns go back and forth and watch as they sure seem to understand what is being said even though we can’t! Let us in on the secret you clowns!

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