These Baby Dog And Wolf Will Steal Your Heart With Their Beautiful Friendship!

Meet Nikai a 9-week-old wolf cub and Faye de 13-week-old Border collie Puppy.  These two met each other at an animal reserve,  during their first meeting they were understandably confused and distrustful. They were similar in appearance, but something just seemed off! For the 13-week-old beautiful Border Collie named Faye, something just didn’t smell right about the animal she was playing with as for Nikai, she couldn’t understand why the wolf-like animal she was playing with didn’t seem to be the same as her.

However they kept being exposed to each other’s presence and through this socializing, they began to get closer and closer and finally trusted each other enough to set up an official play date! Faye, is very curious and hyper a perfect match with Nikai who is a bit more reserved! Thanks to Faye she has started warming to playing with other dogs!

Nikai will go on to help wolves as a part of New York’s Wolf Conservation Center. He will help raise awareness about the danger that his wild kin faces as humans destroy their natural habitat. It’s an attempt to educate the public on the importance of helping wild wolves thrive in their natural environment once more!

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