Baby Donkey Forgets To Do Something Important Before She Takes A Nap. Wait Till You See It!

Sometimes we get so tired, we end up sleeping in some very weird positions that we regret when we wake up. But this little donkey takes “tired sleeping” to a whole new level! You are going to be in stitches when you see what she did! Petunia is only 12 hours old and 10.5 inches tall in this clip. The poor thing doesn’t even have time to lie down on the ground before sleep consumes her!

Petunia and her mom belong to Midnight Rose Farm in Thompson, Ohio. As you can see, the mother donkey was severely foundered because of a previous owner not caring for her hooves, so they are quite thick in this video. Professionals recommended trimming her long hooves to help with the extra weight from the pregnancy, so the new owners did as they were told. She was re-trimmed the next day when the baby was over 24 hours old.

The video starts with two baby donkeys prancing around and playing, but pretty soon, one of them stops and stands close to mom. This is Petunia. The other donkey continues to run, but the camera soon pans over to Petunia. Her eyes are closed, but she’s still standing up! Mom is nearby, but I don’t think she can see that her baby is asleep. It’s so cute.

After a few second, poor Petunia starts to sway on her feet and she jerks awake, but in a second her eyes are closed again. You have to see this.

Watch this adorable video below! Isn’t Petunia adorable? Let us know your thoughts about this clip in the comments!

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