Baby Duck Is Surrounded By Ravenous Fish. What It Does Next Is Mother Nature At Its Finest

In an amazing video that has recently gone viral, a baby duckling grabs food from a bowl and feeds it to a group of fish in the surrounding water.

Because fish live below the water and ducks live above it, we seldom image the two species having any relationship at all. But this amazingly cute viral video shows a baby duckling grabbing food from a bowl and bringing it to the water’s edge. Why? The duckling is feeding the fish. The amazing display of teamwork is absolutely stunning! It seems like the duck is feeding the fish just like a human would.

What reason could the duck have for feeding the fish? Does it want to help out another species? Does it have compassion? I’m completely blown away by how the duck keeps feeding the fish until they’re satisfied.

Watch the video at the 45-second mark. The duckling grabs some food and carefully places it in a swarm of the fish. Every fish is eager for the dinner and they trust the duckling completely.

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