Baby ducks become best friends with ginger cat & bunnies

The innate goodness of animals and the power of love and friendship knows no boundaries. But, unfortunately, nowadays, people have become very self-centered and selfish. Thus, there are a lot of things that humans these days can learn from these innocent little ones who survive together under one roof.

Baby ducks and kitten

Recently, an online user, “Panda Kittens,” shared several video clips giving a glimpse into the day-to-day activities of his cute little interspecies pets. His pets include cute baby ducklings, his beautiful tabby cats, kittens, & playful bunnies.

The 1st story is about a very patient Tabby/Ginger cat who has become a mom to several yellow chicks (ducklings). The little ones stay close to their new mom and feel safe around her. All the yellow baby ducklings settle in the basket where the kitty rests.

Baby ducks and bunnies

In another video clip, the Tabby cat is fast asleep, unbothered by the bunch of yellow ducklings chirping around her. But, even after several attempts, the little ones fail to get their mom to play. So, they decide to sleep with the Tabby cat instead.

The owner of the 2 little kittens is accompanied by a yellow chick, who falls asleep between her 2 feline friends. Somewhere in the other corner of the house, 3 adorable ducklings jump into a bamboo basket to play with their feline friend.

Baby ducks and kittens

In another instance, captured by the owner, a flock of yellow chicks decides to sleep near a furry kitty. They snuggle and go to sleep with one another. 2 kittens sitting near the door are interrupted by little ducklings. However, the little ones become friends and start playing together.

The yellow ducklings are not only friends of the kitties but also of the two bunnies. They gather near the feeding baskets of the cute rabbits and play with them. These species of animals living with one another in harmony show that animals are capable of much more than competition for survival.

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Baby ducks become best friends with ginger cat & bunnies