Baby Eats With Chopsticks Like A Pro

Eating with chopsticks can be quite challenging. Chopsticks are two tapered sticks that are of equal size, used by people in China and the Far East to eat a majority of their food. The people of the middle east eat foods that don’t require a knife. There are no steaks or large pieces of meat that need to be in bite-size pieces in their cuisine.

Mastering the art of eating with a chopstick requires a lot of practice. A two-year-old Baby from inner Mongolia has gained full control of his chopsticks. He can pick up any food, noodles, semi-circle dumplings, and something that looks like seaweed. He eats them all without dropping a morsel.

Have you ever tried giving a pair of chopsticks to any of the children in your family? What was their reaction? If you do decide to do this, make sure you start with easy foods such as noodles or pasta, which are easier to grasp. Learn how to eat like a pro, from the video below. It has been viewed over two million times in nine months.