Baby Elephant Gallops Like A Giant Dog To Greet Her Favorite Person In The World

Elephants are extremely intelligent creatures, with memories so good they’re practically a legend in their own right. The elephant in the video below shows long that memory can last, especially when it comes to kindness.

At the Elephant Nature Park, about 60 miles outside Chiang Mai in Thailand, a rescued elephant named Kham Lha has formed a very close relationship with Darrick, one of the staff. She was brought to the sanctuary as part of a group of elephants freed from the tourism industry, and Darrick was by her side throughout her rehabilitation.

“From the first day he showed love and kindness to their group,” Elephant Nature Park founder Lek Chailert wrote of Darrick. “It did not take long for them to love and accept him back.”

The love between Kham Lha and Darrick is clear in this video shared by Chailert. Darrick steps outside, calls for Kham Lha, and she comes running. The way she gallops to meet him reminds us of a big, happy puppy.

There are several videos online showing the unique relationship between Darrick and Kham Lha. Their bond just goes to show how far some love and kindness can go toward building beautiful friendships.

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