Baby Elephant Gets Into Deep Trouble. When Mommy Can’t Help, Grandma Does Amazing Thing.

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare – their child is in physical trouble and it seems like the only thing that they can do is make the situation worse or possibly even more deadly. There can be no more helpless feeling than this. Fortunately, there may be other elders in the area to be able to turn the tide and save the day. This video, featuring a baby elephant and his herd, shows such a situation in action.

The baby elephant falls into a mud pit and starts crying. The mother immediately comes to his aid. She’s trying to help him out of the pit with her trunk, but she’s accidentally pushing him further in. It’s looking like a dire situation. The well-intentioned mother is actually making matters worse. Can anything be done to save the baby? Before we know it, there’s an even louder rumble… and here comes…Grandma? Yes, the grandmother elephant is on the scene to see what she can do.

I can almost hear the grandmother talking to the mother in elephant language: “No, no, you’re doing it wrong. Watch. Watch and learn. He has to do it by himself. You’re not helping. You’re pushing him INTO the mud. Yes. Yes, you are. Now wait… Don’t sass me! I know more than you! See? He’s climbing out.” At this point, the surely embarrassed baby elephant is out of the mud hole and resumes walking with the herd.

Now the question is: Is this the grandmother on the mother’s side or is this a mother-in-law? Imagine if it’s the mother-in-law. Oh, she is NOT going to let this go for… forever. Every time they pass a mud hole: “Hey, remember when you almost pushed your kid to the bottom? Where would you be if it weren’t for me.” This would be a good time for elephant observers to see if pachyderms do roll their eyes when disgusted…

What an amazing scene. I was so worried about that baby elephant. How about you? What did you think? Head on down to the comments section and also Like us on Facebook.

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