Baby Elephant Launches Adorable “Attack” On Reporter

Geoff Mayes is a reporter who signed up to do the Plains Rally to raise awareness about the poaching problem that Africa is facing at the moment. He wanted to have a guest on-screen and invited Komo, the baby elephant. The adorable elephant is about as mature as a toddler, and if you know anything about kids, you can guess how this will go!

Even though Komo is just a baby elephant, he already weighs far more than a human adult. As Geoff tries to explain the ivory trade problem facing the elephants, Komo interjects with an adorable head butt! Getting the not so tiny baby to behave proves difficult, and Geoff can’t stop giggling.

I couldn’t either, as Komo kept fanning his ears and trying to get Geoff’s attention. Komo has made a new friend, and Geoff doesn’t mind playing with the pachyderm one bit. Geoff carries on with his mission to enlighten people about the elephants’ plight, saying, “We are currently losing a vast number of elephants to poachers, and elephants are very close to my heart.”

This is a serious problem, and it is wonderful that this video exists to bring attention to the problem. Komo is an adorable face for the African elephant, and who could watch this and think about hurting this intelligent species. Not anyone with a heart for sure.