Baby elephant plays around the nature park until he falls asleep exhausted

Adorable baby elephant playing around the nature park

Tall, healthy trees are seen in the distance as an adorable baby elephant dashes through the grass. The young elephant is Wan Mai, and he lives in the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand.

Wan Mai is determined to make the most of his day by running around in the grass and playing in the pool. As he goes through the park, he kicks up clouds of dirt under his feet.

In a shallow pool Wan Mai cleans himself off by splashing around, and then he quickly leaves. After some time, he returns to the pool and runs around in circles.

Adorable baby elephant playing around the nature park

He does this several times, making big splashes before leaving again. Nearby there are two adult elephants. They aren’t as playful as him, but they seem to enjoy watching him play.

A soccer ball floats in the pool as the two adult elephants eat beside the water. Wan Mai soaks himself in the pool and dips his trunk in the water.

Wan Mai then starts playing with the soccer ball, splashing around with it, but it doesn’t seem to bother the hungry elephants, who continue to eat their food.

Eventually, the baby elephant gets tired. Wan Mai slowly climbs out of the water and puts himself underneath the two elephants. He lays down and falls asleep beneath their shadows.

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