Baby Elephant Is Rescued From Well In Kenya. The Rest Of The Story Is SO Amazing.

Even in sanctuaries, things can be dangerous. Animals can fall into things that are part of the landscape and get hurt. Other animals hunt each other. It’s not a totally blissful oasis. But there are people there who work as rangers to help keep the entire thing from devolving into total chaos… and they will help the animals to the best of their abilities. Like this video here involving a baby elephant.

The video outlines the situation thusly – a baby elephant fell in a well at the Sera Community Conservatory, which is in Kenya. Rangers there found the little guy and got him unstuck… but found that his herd was nowhere to be seen. They chained him to a tree and waited in the area to listen out for the return of the elephant’s family. That’s quite a different babysitting job than I’ve ever been involved in.

The baby elephant charges at the cameraman a few times. I remember from another video that if one charges with their ears forward, they are playing and if they are pinned back, they intend to stomp you into paste. It was hard to tell at first, but it looks like he’s playing, though he might have been annoyed about the chain. He does calm down after drinking the water they give him though.

It looks like he might have to stay there overnight, but then they hear the herd nearby. The rangers unchain him and even get him to play a game so that he gets closer to the herd. Eventually he sees the rest of his family and he runs over there, no doubt telling them all about his day in elephantese. The herd gather and amble off into the Kenyan landscape, together once again.

Wasn’t this an awesome video? I was smitten with that baby elephant. What would you have done in the rangers’ situation? They were so good. Tell us your thoughts in the comments section!

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