Baby Elephant Sits On The Ground With His Human Friend. But When He Does THIS? ROFL!

You will be taken aback when you watch this clip shared on YouTube by Thailand’s elephant camp Chai Lai Orchid. A baby elephant walks up to a woman named Allie and starts cuddling with her. This moment is certainly surprising as we don’t normally see an elephant behaving in such a weird way, but these elephants are used to human visitors and lots of positive attention from them.

But Allie is no visitor. She’s been living with this little elephant. You can see a glimpse of their special relationship take shape in this clip. To this baby elephant, Allie is a friend and plaything. It’s adorable to watch. Allie is petting the elephant like she would a dog, and not really thinking about it. The next thing she knew, the elephant was cuddling in her lap!

“This was the first time that the baby elephant fell on Allie’s lap!” the video’s caption reads about the animal that was two weeks old at the time. “Allie has lived with this little elephant since the day she was born nearly a month ago.”

Allie is overjoyed to see the baby elephant plop on her lap. The person recording the whole thing comments that this video is sure to make it on, which I took to mean it would make on YouTube. And it certainly did! Watch their amazing bond in the video below.

Watch the video. What did you think? Don’t they have a beautiful relationship? Let us know about your thoughts in the comments!

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