Baby Elephant Started Chasing This Dog. When He Couldn’t Catch Him, His Reaction Was Priceless!

Elephants are often credited to being similar to humans. They are extremely intelligent and are a symbol of power and knowledge in many different cultures. They are also somehow interconnected with deities. Elephants have emotions and are known to display envy, jealousy, competitiveness, and also affection, among others. Temper tantrums are also a normal occurrence, especially in younger elephants.

This cute video was taken an Elephant Nature Park in Thailand. The park’s goal is to provide sanctuary and refuge to elephants while also providing education to the tourists and visitors. They aim for the rehabilitation of rescued elephants. Visitors can see how the elephants interrelate with each other on a daily basis and they are given volunteer opportunities as well. This video is so hilarious and beautiful!

I’ve seen other videos of elephants who have befriended dogs, but this due seems to love to tease each other. There is a small dog at the sanctuary, and this dog hangs out with the elephants all day, so they all know him. On this day, he’s teasing one of the baby elephants by running away when the elephant tries to come near him.

So the baby elephant decides he’s going to catch the dog, but he’s just not fast enough, and well, let’s face it. He’s a little bit clumsy too. After several attempts to catch the dog, he gets really frustrated and throws a tantrum. It’s so cute. Wait till you see what he does.

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