When This Baby Elephant Throws A Tantrum, His Mom Knows Just How To Respond

Ask any parent you know, and they’ll be sure to tell you that their life wouldn’t be the same without their kids. They’re, loveable, unpredictable, and it’s truly a gift to be able to do your best to raise them into great people. Despite the great joy that parenting brings, however, having children means it’s time to say goodbye to any of the peace and quiet you may have previously known, especially when your kids are young! Their mood swings make it so that you never quite know just what to expect from them.

Not only is this the case for human beings, but animals experience the same parenting difficulties as well! Animal parents can have some trouble getting their kids to stop being rowdy and sassy just like humans. This mama elephant is a perfect example of a struggling parent who has an unpredictable child. She knows firsthand that toddlers are pouty in addition to being loud and having a tendency to stomp around! Temper tantrums, she’s learned, are incredibly frequent.

However annoying these behaviors can be for parents, the tantrums can be pretty hilarious for observers! It can be embarrassing to have a child that just won’t relax, but those witnessing the event can really get some laughs out of what’s happening. Kids sure do know how to entertain!

Wait until you witness this baby elephant’s ridiculous antics. You’re going to be on the floor laughing! His herd upset him somehow, so he made it a point to make his stance loud and clear. You won’t believe this drama queen’s next move. He might be funny, but his mom is having none of it! Make sure you crack your friends up by sharing this adorable video with them. Then, leave a comment on this hilarious clip down below!