This Baby Elephant Tries Out His First Intimidation Ever! It’s Absolutely Adorable!

Elephants are very mesmerizing animals. They are extremely intelligent and value family bond within their pack. Mother elephants take care of their babies for an abnormally long period of time by animal kingdom standards. Videos of elephants proving to us just how similar they are to us humans in both memory and emotional breadth are amazing. The clip following below is a great example of this!

This group of tourists were on a safari tour of Kruger National Park in South Africa, when they came across a heard of elephants. While most of the elephants were not bothered by the tourists and paid them no mind, however one tiny elephant took notice. He decided to test out his newly found intimidation skills!

This small calf emerges from the bushes and charges at the parked safari vehicle. He runs towards it, but then he suddenly stops. Realizing that his attempt to be aggressive did not scare the tourists one bit, he immediately charges again. He comes a bit closer, but once this attempt proves futile, he immediately retreats back towards the bushes. Then, the calf runs towards his Mom and hides behind her.

Check out this adorable clip, but always keep in mind that an elephant charging is always cause for alarm!

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