A Baby Elephant Walks Up To Her, But What Followed Left Me Rolling On The Floor!

Baby Elephant and WomanAll baby animals are curious and explore their new world, it’s part of growing up and becoming aware. But the more intelligent animals can process a lot of information even when very young.

In this heart-warming video, a very small elephant discovers a human sitting on the ground and proceeds to examine the person’s face with intense determination.

Baby Elephant and WomanTry as she might, the woolly little pachyderm cannot find the person’s trunk. She focuses intently on the lady, checking her nose repeatedly and always coming up short.

The baby gently explores the face’s shape with remarkable persistence and even does a little taste test, to learn everything there is to discover about this odd individual sitting on the ground. She is very careful not to step on the person’s hand even though she is almost standing in the woman’s lap.

We can almost see the cogs in her curious little brain turning over, trying to make sense of it. The baby elephant eventually learns that the human simply doesn’t have a trunk! No trunk? You can almost imagine the infant wondering how on earth does she get by then?

At last the little one seems to accept her odd discovery with the naivety of the very young and turns her attention to the camera filming the encounter.

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A Baby Elephant Walks Up To Her, But What Followed Left Me Rolling On The Floor!