Baby Falls Asleep And Dog Realizes She Needs Help. Parents Amazed By What He Does Next!

Dogs are a man’s best friend. In this case, this dog is certainly the baby’s best friend. Why? Well, you’ll have to watch the video for yourself to believe it! Babies need a lot of sleep when they are newly born to develop their bodies and only wake up to eat and get their diapers changed. When this little infant falls asleep on the bed, the dog notices that the baby is not covered by the blanket she is sleeping on.

That had to be rectified immediately and he set to work. Using his nose and face, he carefully pushes the edges of the fluffy blanket over the baby so that the little one is tucked in, safe and warm. Watching the dog do this prompted the parents to record this amazing moment.

When a newborn child enters a family home where there are other pets or siblings, there is a time for adjustment where parents notify the other members of the house about the pending arrival. This is so that when the infant finally arrives, there is no sibling jealousy. Just before the baby was due to be born, the parents were wondering how the family dog would react to the newest member of the family.

Well, they needn’t have worried. The dog immediately took to the child and adored her like she was his baby sister. He was always around to check whether she was warm or sleeping alright or if she ever needed anything. What true loyalty and love dogs show! Can you tell that I am a total fan of dogs??

Lol. This adorable video just melted my heart. Having pets around when you have a young family is providing the best baby sitter and companion a child could ever have. Did you watch the video? What did you think of it? I was absolutely amazed at the ingeniousness and thoughtfulness of the dog. We love hearing from you and we would love to see any messages you would like to send to us. Just post your comments in the section below.

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