Baby falls asleep. Mom watches closely as puppy does the most adorable thing ever

Head-snaps, you know, the moment where you have nearly fallen asleep while sitting in front of the television and you wake yourself up just has your head is about to hit the back of the couch. We’ve all done it, sometimes to our own embarrassment when you come-to again to the applause of all of your family who have just had the best laugh they have experienced in days……..all at your expense of course.

There is nothing as cute as watching a baby fall asleep…………….Well maybe there is. For something to register as cute it has to have certain guide-lines. Firstly, it has to be completely innocent, nothing that has been planned or rehearsed. It usually is something that happens out of the blue, something really unexpected, something that just melts you on the inside like never before. Or sometimes it can just be a silly little thing that someone does. Either way, who doesn’t like cuteness?

There is nothing cuter than the special bond between baby and puppy. How many time have you seen such a special relationship as that of a child and their dog who have grown up together all of their lives? The bond is just unbreakable as is the in-separate-able-ness of the friendship. Where baby goes, puppy goes. Where baby eats, puppy eats. Where baby sleeps, puppy sleeps.

The clip that you are about to see is probably the ultimate in cuteness. There is a new-born baby asleep on a rug on the floor, next to her is the most adorable puppy you are ever going to see. The baby is sound asleep and oblivious to the cute-as-can-be-canine trying it’s hardest to stay awake next to her. The puppy starts to close its eyes and is swaying, then snaps out of it only to look at the camera with the two most beautiful eyes. Then the swaying starts again and then puppy decides to move in an effort to wake itself up, all the time being recorded by dad. Again puppy starts to nod-off, this time though sleep is almost achieved until puppy hears mom in the kitchen talking to a friend. Again, eyes wide open, but only for a second or too, this seems all too much for puppy who by now must be exhausted. Eventually puppy lies down with its head resting on baby’s head, the cutest thing that you are going to see all day.

Click on the link below and watch as this oh-so-cute-scene plays out. It will make you all warm-and-fuzzy inside and hopefully bring a smile to your face and make your day all worth-while. I think this has to be one of the most adorable clips I have seen on YouTube for a long time.