Baby Fawn Walks Over To Little Girl, Watch What The Little Girl Does Next!

Wild animals end up venturing into human territory from time to time. The human race is cutting into their homeland more and more so it’s not surprising that there are an increasing number of encounters. Most of the time they are very scared of humans but it’s not the case in the adorable clip that you are about to see!

Brad Herring and his daughter Maya were unpacking their car after a camping trip, when a newborn fawn walked across their front yard and right into Maya’s arms. Brad says that the fawn and Maya were attached at the hip from that point on but he had to explain to his daughter that the baby deer’s best chance at survival would be to reunite with its mother.

They figured that the mom was recovering from the birth, so little Maya led the fawn back to the woods. They were very concerned that the mother wouldn’t allow the fawn back or that the fawn would never be able to find her mother. The mother was nowhere to be found.

The happy ending here is that a few days later, father and daughter saw a doe and a fawn walking together and all seemed to be going quite well.

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