After Her Baby Fell Into The Hole, Mama Elephant Was Losing All Hope!

Mothers always look out for their children. Their infinite love makes them able to do the impossible for their sake, and they will always be willing to do what’s best for them. But it’s impossible to do it one hundred percent of the time without ever failing. This was the bitter reality for the mother elephant who unluckily was unable to help her baby calf get out of the water hole he fell on.

He was struggling really hard to get out for himself, but there was not much that he could do. His mother watched from above, feeling anxious and unable to help her son, and she tries to pull him up a little bit to help him get out, but to no avail. The struggle is real for both of the elephants who got themselves stuck in this muddy situation.

Thankfully, they were not alone in their fight. The rest of their elephant herd quickly comes to their rescue, and they all work together to pull the baby elephant out of the waterhole. It’s still a difficult task, but thanks to all their cooperation, he was able to get out and reunite with his mom.

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