Baby fights sleep with his cute smile, earns 8M views

Adorable baby Leo tried his best not to fall asleep while giving these cute, heartwarming smiles every time he lifted his head.

Baby Leo is seen trying so hard not to fall asleep. Lisa Jones, who happens to be Leo’s mom, picked the right time to capture this cute moment of her son trying to fight sleep.

The adorable grins he gives his mom will certainly melt your heart. It’s as if he’s telling her he’s still wide awake. But you can tell this is a battle he won’t win because of his exhausted and sleepy eyes.

It makes you wonder why babies don’t like taking naps. One thing for sure, the impromptu naps are usually the best if only toddlers had a way of understanding this.

With more than eight million views, the video has received different reactions from its viewer. While some criticized the mom for the positioning of the car seat despite the assurance from her that the baby was safe, others chose to solely focus on the cute moment.

As the world continues to enjoy this heartwarming moment, you might be interested in knowing that Leo is already in his pre-teens. The mom continues to share more memorable family moments on their Youtube channel.

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