Baby Finally Figures Out Where Eggs Come From. You’ll Be Floored When You See Her Reaction!

How did your Easter go this year? Did you participate in the classic egg hunt? Mine wasn’t that great, but when I saw how these little sisters celebrated their Easter, it made my day! This video below will no doubt put a big smile on your face!

This baby’s reaction to the Easter hen is incomparable! What an epic reaction! I really wasn’t expecting that! Her older sister really knows how to give a surprise. When you see this toddler’s reaction to that Easter hen laying eggs, you will be laughing madly! This video will never get old for sure!

Big sis puts her toy hen on the table and it starts bobbing up and down. The baby doesn’t look that interested at first, but then the hen pops a plastic egg out of you-know-where and the baby’s face is just priceless! She squeals with delight and her mouth opens wide. It’s hilarious! I have never seen bigger eyes on a baby!

Her reaction is rewarded with another egg, and then another, and each time the baby has the same reaction, only more exaggerated. I was so sad when the hen only lays three eggs at a time because I didn’t want to stop watching this baby’s reaction. So I just watched the clip again!

Watch these sisters in the video below! What did you do this Easter? Share your thoughts about this video in your comments!

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