Baby Fox Gets Stuck In Hole Near Hospital. The Ensuing Rescue Operation Is SO COOL.

I admire people who rescue animals. It’s an unusual, and sometimes dangerous, calling, since the animals don’t always understand that they are being rescued. Even though these workers are trained, there’s still the risk that something could happen with an animal lashing out in fear. That, of course, could undo the whole mission. It takes a special person and one of those people is here in this video.

Being an animal rescuer is not a normal job where one can have a steady shift. Animals don’t stop getting in trouble at 5 pm. Simon Cowell (no, not THAT one), from Wildlife Aid, was roused in the middle of the night about a fox cub who had fallen in a hole between two stairways. It was near a children’s hospital near Surrey, England, and its cries were keeping the kids up. This wasn’t something that could wait until morning.

I have to say that the coolest thing about this is Simon’s accent and general attitude. He gets to the children’s hospital and looks down at the baby fox. In a calm voice, he says, “What are you doing down there, silly?” He slowly lowers a ladder to the bottom of the hole and climbs down with a crate. Even though the baby fox has no intention of getting in there, he never rushes and manages to corner him and get him into the crate. This is a man who oozes competence.

Moments later, he’s climbing up and putting the crate on the ground and re-opening the door. It takes a few moments before the baby realizes its free and it scampers off into the night to reconnect with his mommy. All in a day’s… well… night’s work for Simon. Now all he has to do is get back into his car and go back to sleep. Hopefully another animal won’t make him get up again, but he’ll take it all in stride if it happens.

What did you think? I was amazed at how fast he got the fox in the crate. Have you seen anything like this? If so, please tell us all about it in the comments.

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