Bubbly Baby Girl’s Reaction To The Gift of Hearing Will Have You Crying-Laughing, Too

Baby and ParentA sweet little girl named Scarlet had her hearing restored at the Atlanta Hearing Associates in Milledgeville, Georgia, and her laughter was just pure delight.

After many months of testing and consultation, a pair of hearing aids were developed especially for her needs. Now 11 months old, Scarlet has just been fitted with her new hearing aids and this video captures the baby’s sheer delight when she clearly hears her family’s voices for the first time.

Bubbly, Excited Baby WIth New Hearing AidsShe bursts out laughing in response to her 4-year-old sister Halie’s voice. The little tot’s absolute joy is infectious and her family laughs along with her. She even scares herself with a loud scream after another fit of giggling.

Oh, bless! My heart just melted. 💗

Luckily the special occasion has been caught on video and has been widely shared. Scarlet’s mother, Carol Benjamin, writes on Facebook that she is deeply grateful to Atlanta Hearing Associates for giving her little girl back her hearing, claiming it was one of the best days of their lives.

This was awesome! You could tell the baby was blown away, almost like she suddenly realized that all that time, her whole life, they were making noise to each other, but she wasn’t in on it. Now she is hearing them and thinking so that’s how you all were communicating with each other!

Carol Benjamin hopes the video will encourage people to take stock of how lucky they are, and never take the gift of hearing for granted.

If you were moved by this heart-warming clip of a little baby’s very special day, share Scarlet’s video with your friends and family and spread the love. ❤❤

Bubbly Baby Girl’s Reaction To The Gift of Hearing Will Have You Crying-Laughing, Too