Baby Gibberish Is New Language For Actual Infant Communication! WOW!

Communication is an old as time and language is a symbol of civilization. All animals communicate and we are no different. However, when it comes to infants, it seems that they truly are in a world of their own. As many languages they are in the world, there is none more complicated to understand than the language that twins share.

The world of twins is also one that is barely understood by the adult world, the way they communicate in their own way and the special bond they share. When the dad walked in to the room, he saw his twin infants who seemed to be saying intelligible things to one another. It was amusing to see, but when he came closer, he saw that they seemed to be having an actual conversation with each baby responding to what the other said!

Merle and Stijn, the twins in the video were thought to be playing with each other but what the dad recorded amazed him! Their language might not be understood by us, but it is a very real one indeed! After looking deeply into this phenomenon, research revealed that this is known as cryptophasia which is when twins create their very own language and it is estimated that 50% of all twins can communicate with one another.

I have no idea if this phenomenon is real or not but the video is proof enough for me! After watching the video several times, it seems that this is a very real phenomenon, one that seems almost part of a sci-fi story honestly.

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