Baby Giraffe Finds His Legs In Adorable Impossible-To-Ignore Footage

Baby Long Legs is starting to gain strength and explore the indoor giraffe habitat with his mom Mstari. The baby giraffe seen here is so happy it looks like he’s smiling.

The curious baby giraffe checks out everything, exploring the whole of his new home and every last part of the habitat. Baby Long Legs even becomes so overjoyed that the little one can’t contain his joy, bouncing and running around in circles from excitement.

Every now and then, Baby Long Legs checks in with Mommie, but there’s no danger here, and he’ll soon learn, but the feeling of sanctuary must be strong – just look how content that giraffe is.

Mother Mstari looks on proudly as her baby prances around in one of the most heartwarming clips seen. The Toronto Zoo takes good care of their animals, and it sure shows. Those giraffes couldn’t be happier.