Baby girl and her cute puppy become best friends, sharing so much love and hugs

Baby girl and her cute puppy

An adorable baby, Hazley, and a cute puppy, Jasper, are the best hug buddies. Every moment has them together. Their first contact was “love at first sight,” and their bond has only grown stronger.

Hazley and Jasper enjoy their favorite cartoon shows. They sit, staring at the TV with wide innocent eyes. Hazley giggles at a scene, and Jasper woofs faintly in response.

After that, it is a “joy ride!” They go swinging in a hanging cradle. Jasper holds on tight, Hazley all smiles as the cradle sways gently from left to right.

Baby girl and her cute puppy

Next, both of them are in for a “toy heist.” They steal each other’s toys, hiding them behind their backs. Then try to recover their stolen treasures but fall into a short nap.

Hazley’s paw friend loves to huggle. He smiles, enjoying the warmth of Hazley’s cuddle while asleep. Their mom takes them for a stroll. They stick together, enjoying the outdoors and fresh air.

Mom sets them up for a bath on arrival. Hazley’s first. Then the puppy goes in. He looks shy. Maybe he’s missed having a swim with Hazley. After six months, Jasper has grown considerably.

His love for Hazley has also gotten bigger. Finally, it was timeout in a rubber pool. Hazley has grown too and enjoys the evergrowing, evergreen affection of her best friend, Jasper.

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