Baby Girl Is Born Very Prematurely. The Spirit She Showed Her Mother Days Later Blew Me Away.

A pregnant woman suddenly had one of the worst things that could happen in the early stages of her pregnancy: labor. She wound up giving birth to a girl, Freya, who was so tiny, weighing a mere three pounds. When it comes to premature births, there are a host of factors to consider, including the development of her lungs, since a breathing machine isn’t the end-all, be-all savior that many think. But there was something about Freya…

It was her smile. Her mommy took a picture of her a few days later and even despite the her having a breathing tube, which looks ridiculously big when compared to her small head, she had this big bright smile, the kind that extends all the way to the eyes, making them twinkle, too. It was like she was trying to reassure her mother- “I’m going to be all right. I’m strong, Mommy. I need you to be that for me, too.”

That wasn’t the first time, though. Freya was such a good-spirited baby that the hospital staff fell in love with her too. Surely, seeing this happy baby who was born in the most dire of circumstances made their problems seem just a bit more inconsequential and also made them want to attend to this little girl even more. Even as a baby, she might have subconsciously known that she could catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

What an amazing spirit she has. Freya is now a healthy two-plus year old girl. I can attest to the worry, though – I was a premature baby, too. It was touch-and-go with me too for a while, but I’m still here, more than four decades later. Here’s hoping that Freya will be able to look back at this video 40 years from now and smile. She likely will have kids of her own at that time, so she can tell them her story.

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