Baby Girl Crawls For The First Time, But What Happens Next Will Melt Your Heart! Aww!

It is always amazing to watch the wonder in the face and voice of a baby freshly figured out how to crawl. It appears that the lovely chocolate Labrador in this video thought along the same line. Watch how much the dog enjoyed the excitable shriek and crawling of a baby girl.

The idea of crawling had just come to this cute baby girl. So she made excited voices and tried moving a little bit here and there. Although the chocolate lab was busy looking into the camera, you bet she’s aware of the baby – dogs have excellent peripheral vision.

As the baby girl made real progress with her crawling, the camera-conscious chocolate lab finally turned away from the camera that she loved. She put her nose to the baby’s face, and decided that the baby deserves a tender little kiss. How sweet is that?

Apparently, the baby’s mother has received a ton of criticisms for letting the baby get so close to the dog. After all, the dog was like 10 times bigger. The poor mother had to go out of her way to explain long-windedly to everyone that she put a lot of thought and care into adjusting her dog to her baby, and vice versa.

She shouldn’t have had to do that. There are so many busy bodies on the internet it’s insane. The mother should get the benefit of the doubt that she knew what she was doing. Does it not look like she knew what she was doing? The dog and the baby were terrific together!

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