Baby Girl Faces Imminent Death After Stroke. I Was Amazed Who Joined Her Parents In Vigil.

Life can be cruel sometimes. We can have someone enter our lives and then have them be taken away from us the very next one. How many news stories have we heard about things like this, especially children with terminal illness? Their lives are just getting started when their thread of life gets cut prematurely. Seeing those stories can leave a knot in one’s stomach, especially those parents of children. Still, there’s often a ray of hope in those dark times – like the heroes of this video.

It started when a baby named Nora was born. According to her parents, she was a bubbly child. There’s a picture of her with a giant smile that speaks volumes to that description. Then the scissors of fate came out. She had a stroke at close to five months and was given a very short amount of time to live after that. It became a waiting vigil for when that moment was going to happen, but she had plenty of company during that time.

Of course, her mommy and daddy were with her, but she had two canines by her side, too. They were Gracie and Grumpy, two basset hounds that lay on her bed, looking at her with their loving eyes. Maybe they say her as a very sick puppy and they wanted to devote their time to comforting her. One of them even sniffed her face in the video. They would be resting on her blanket. Surely she knew of them, even in her vegetative state.

Nora was five months old when she passed, but she was loved. Both humans and animals mourned her death that day and somewhere, she’s probably watching them as they continue with their lives. Yes, it was tragic that a young baby was taken way too early, but the family learned of the love and devotion of their canine children. That was the silver lining in this cloud. I hope they lavish Gracie and Grumpy with a lot of love.

I was teary-eyed by the end of this video. Yes, even in 50 seconds. What did you think? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section. Also, you can “Like” us on Facebook.

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