Baby girl meets Wicket, the newest member of the family. You will melt when you see them together!

There aren’t many topics that are heartwarming and awe inspiring as watching a baby and a puppy meet each other for the first time. Some people are slightly nervous about introducing their newborn or infant to an animal of any kind but this clip will show that it’s most likely not something to spend time worrying about.  After you see this clip, it will be obvious just how protective a puppy can be about a baby — and that’s worth the peace of mind.

There are millions of clips on the internet that show how dogs instantly befriend babies. This one shows us one very spectacular meet up. Sophie, the little baby in the clip below is about to meet a lifelong best friend ever for the very first time. The reaction by both of them is simply and absolutely priceless!

The purest thing on earth is the incredible bond that can be immediately formed between a baby and a puppy. It’s always adorable and it will last a lifetime for both of them as the memory of that dog will stay with a person forever.

This video comes with a warning about just how adorable it is so be very careful, you are about to be sucked in! Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments section and please share it as well.