Jumping baby goat can’t contain his excitement on trampoline!

More and more people are turning to goats as an alternative, domesticated pet and if this one is anything to go by, they certainly provide us with just as much fun and entertainment as their cat and dog counterparts! We’ve seen cats and dogs tangle with trampolines, now it’s the turn of the baby goat!

When investigating the world for the first time, all new-borns are highly quizzical and curious, regardless of the species. That trial and error education they’re giving themselves can be particularly hilarious when they have a slight mishap, or something as funny as a goat on a trampoline is caught on camera. This is the perfect bit of footage to brighten up your day!

Goats are known to enjoy a good leap about and they can get some pretty good air on their own when bouncing around on their little hooves. But put one on a trampoline and things can get crazy! This little guy is clearly having the time of his life as he rockets around, springing higher each time. Eventually, he notices his mom has come over to make sure he’s not going to do himself a mischief! It’s a shame that she doesn’t decide to get involved too!

The kid keeps coming over to inspect the slight tear on the near side of the trampoline and for a moment our hearts were in our mouths and we held collective breathes as we thought the little darling might fall through…

But thankfully, he just wants to keep on playing and he’s so excited he actually poops himself! It’s a blink and you’ll miss it moment, but they’re going to need to clean that surface before the human kids play on it next that’s for sure!

That is, in fact, one of the major disadvantages of having a goat as a pet – they will never truly be potty trained. While you can ensure your dog goes outside or your cat uses the litter tray, a goat will happily poop all over your house without a care in the world. Particularly if they’re as excited as this one here!

But we’re sure he’ll be forgiven considering how much fun he’s having and how much entertainment he’s giving us, as watching him bounce around will definitely bring a smile to your face. Watch and share with any of your family and friends who need cheering up today!