When This Baby Goat And Cat Met, I Never In A Million Years Expected THIS To Happen, WOW!

There are certain animals that I think almost nobody can deny are adorable and strangely enough, I think one of those animals are baby goats. They are so dopey and adorable; it’s hard not to love them.

When this baby goat met a cat for the very first time, I never would have expected this to be the outcome. This is amazing!

This video features a baby pygmy goat, which is a breed of miniature domestic goat. According to Wikipedia, “Pygmy goats tend to be kept as pets primarily, though also work well as milk producers and working animals. The pygmy goat is quite hardy, an asset in a wide variety of settings, and can adapt to virtually all climates.”

If you own a cat, you know that they can be picky about the other types of animals they like to interact with. I know many of people with cats and dogs who simply don’t get along. Watch what happens when this YouTube user introduces her cat to a baby pygmy goat.

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